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    People Need to Travel

    Air travel was simple when theses early airliners provided service to cities and towns around the country.  Today it is stressful and dehumanizing.  

    How We Travel Has Changed

      When you look at the development of the U.S. economics, politics, and transportation are intrinsically linked. It was economics, the desire for land, wealth, and a better life that caused people to brave the western frontier. Politics allowed and encouraged the westward migration. The need for faster transportation encouraged the expansion of the railroads and later aviation. The automobile provided faster personal transportation which led to our system of roads and highways.

    Now we are grappling with how to sustain these systems and institutions. 

    Where Do We Go Today

     Now we are grappling with how to sustain these systems and institutions. We are still striving for a better life. Does our political system help or hinder that goal? Where do people go to find a better life? 


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